A FinTech solution to empower people with what they really need most: Private Messaging and secure & affordable money transfers for daily use.

Aeos' mission is to provide an easy-to-use mobile App service which finally bridges private communication, money transfers, and fiat/crypto currencies. You can get started with AEOS' Private Messaging, and when ready, explore EOS blockchain transactions, and do Daily Money Transfers and Payments in both Crypto and Fiat Currencies.

CocoTech Consulting developed this People-2-People mobile messaging and P2P payment solution to onboard anyone with a smartphone and allow People to take control of their own data and money.

Uniquely designed as a hybrid blockchain & Messaging solution for real world micro-transactions, payments, remittance and secure smart contracts between individuals, small-to-medium-businesses (SMB’s) and service providers that do not have access to, or cannot afford, existing online merchant accounts offered by merchant banks and financial institutions.

Our mission is to restore trust between people via direct private messaging, remove the confusion and risks around blockchain and crypto transactions by leveraging the fastest blockchain ( and creating a bridge to the real world of payments and money transfers via regulated decentralized exchanges, & Gvt. licensed banks and payment processors.

We work with full transparency and compliance with international regulatory bodies.



The World's First Mobile Messaging & Money Wallet in Fiat or Crypto

We built the first step in our micro-economy transactions solution by developing a private messaging hub (self-sovereign ID and personal data secure KYC), and connected our wallet. Our wallet leverages the leading Blockchain platform: from and is connected to other regulated blockchains for multi-currency crypto exchanges in compliance with region-based jurisdictions.  We also built Fiat currency based connectors to leading banks, bank-licensed money transfer services (eCash/eWallet), and payment processors in compliance with region-based jurisdictions, for cross-border transactions and cash-out.

We are different from other Messaging platforms that resell your data. We are also different from messaging platforms that include only crypto transactions inside their own side-chain ecosystem via multiple 3rd party exchanges, wallets and payment processors. Finally, we are different from fiat currency bank wallets and money transfer services (eCash/eWallets) that only allow limited fiat currency transfers according to their jurisdictional region.

We give you a unified experience and clear visibility on who you are doing business with and which system you are connecting with. We offer freedom of choice and complete privacy when it comes to your data and money. We simply connect you to your blockchain or regulatory compliant exchange or money transfer transfer service of choice in your jurisdiction.

We are excited about leveling the playing field for the more than 80% unbanked, under-banked and underserved individuals, micro merchants and service providers who are currently unable to meaningfully participate in the global digital economy.

The wallet allows individuals to privately communicate and securely transact in the real world, leveraging the EOS Blockchain, and Gvt. regulated banking systems. We separate financial data & KYC from messaging data & KYC.


Messaging Hub

  • Full suite messaging
    • chat, voice & videocall, fileshare
  • Messaging Profile KYC
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Protected data and more

Wallet Hub

  • Unique Wallet KYC authenticator
  • QR code support
  • Import EOS accounts
  • Create EOS accounts
  • Import 3rd party wallets
  • Buy, Transfer & Receive EOS
  • History of Transactions (in/out)
  • Stake/Unstake resources
    • RAM, CPU, NET
  • Request, Receive, invite, Vote
  • Explore/Discover dApps on EOS
  • Stake RAM to play EOS dApps
  • Multi token currency (BTC, ETH, etc.)
  • Access Market Cap listings, values, prices & indexes
  • Access to regulated DEX's
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Premium Wallet to Include:

  • Buy, Sell, Exchange multi-crypto
  • Create & Import Fiat currency account
  • Purchase Goods, Services in Fiat or Crypto
  • Merchant & Service Provider accounts
  • Payments & remittance Processor in FIAT or Virtual Currencies
  • Smart contracts & record keeping
  • Cash-Out to multi currency Fiat (via select Licensed Bank Institutions)

Onboard Wallet in 30 seconds

Instantly create your own unique EOS account. We are the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to get you on the EOS Blockchain: Get a Private Key, Public Key, username, System Resources (RAM, CPU, NET) to transact.

Create or Import EOS accounts

Into the leading EOS wallet for transfers in under 5 seconds.

Get EOS & Explore dApps

Purchase RAM, stake and un-stake CPU & NET for transfers & transactions. Discover a world of dApps on the biggest dApp blockchain in the world.

AEOSWALLET Deck Presentation July 22 2019 .pptx


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